How to get a bigger butt

In recent years, the question “how to get a bigger butt?” has become an extremely popular one. Certain female celebrities such as Beyonce, Sofia Vergara, Jennifer Lopez and the ‘queen’ of the bigger butt herself, Kim Kardashian, have changed the perception surrounding women who posses a larger butt than most.

It has almost become the “holy grail” of the female form to posses a body which has a slim waist, shaping into a wide, voluptuous ass. These celebrities, of course, are trend setters. Most of them have huge followings in magazines and social media, so it is no surprise it has become fashionable among young women who idolize these celebrities, to try and emulate their  curves.

It seems the quest for a bigger butt has become, for want of a better word, huge.

So, if you are searching for answers on how to get a bigger butt, then we have a few ways to do it, and not all of them are conventional.

How to get a bigger butt
Step 1: Exercise

So, what’s the first step on your path to getting a little more ‘junk in your trunk’?

Well, if you follow any of the Kardashian girls on social media, you’ll have noticed that a lot of their selfies are taken in the gym – exercise is a hugely important factor.

Having said that though, it does not mean you need to spend hours upon end sweating in the gym. The good news is, you don’t have to spend any time in the gym at all – the best exercises to give your bum a lift can all be done at home, no gym membership required!


If you suffer from “saggy-butt syndrome”, there’s a good chance it stems from the fact you have an excess of fat in your body. Unfortunately, even with all of the advances in science the world has seen, there is no magic pill that is going to take that fat away – you’re going to have to work for it!

Contrary to popular belief, you can never lose fat cells in your body, they are always there, they just expand or contract. Neither can you target fat in certain areas by exercising one area alone – that’s called spot reduction and is widely accepted as being a myth.

Knowing this, the best exercise for fat burning is High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). HIIT is a workout where you do 60 seconds of high intensity cardio, cycling or running at your a high pace, followed by 60 seconds of low intensity. This is continued for a 15 minute period, followed by another 15 minutes of cardio at a moderate pace.

The way HIIT targets fat in your system is by releasing fatty acids into your blood stream during high intensity sections of your workout, then burning those fatty acids during the low intensity cycles in between and at the end – thus stopping the fatty acids being re-absorbed into the fat cells and burning the maximum amount of fat in the shortest period of time.

Squats, Leg Raises, Dead-lifts, Lunges and Kickbacks

Cardio alone, contrary to many articles on how to get a bigger butt, will not give you the shape to your behind which you crave. Cardio can give some definition, however it is more likely to give you a smaller butt, since it will burn fat on your behind which is giving you a larger posterior. This would more likely lead to a flat butt without any lift.

To build some ‘lift’ and turn a flat butt without definition into a round, perky ‘bubble’ butt, other exercises than cardio are required.

Squats, leg raises, dead lifts, lunges and kickbacks are perfect exercises for this task, however, they need to be done correctly and in the right combination.

Our article, exercises for a bigger butt will teach you the do’s and dont’s.

How to get a bigger butt
Step 2: Diet

When we say the word “diet” here, don’t make the mistake of immediately thinking we are saying you need to eat kale, broccoli and water and nothing else. We are not actually talking about “dieting” at all – but you will need to be eating a balanced, nutritional diet which will give you all the vitamins and minerals you need.

Altering your diet alone won’t make your butt bigger on its own, of course. However, changing to a more balanced, nutritional diet will give your exercise routines the boost needed to get results faster.

How to get a bigger butt Step 3: Extra Help

Before we go on to talk about supplements and creams which can help give you an apple-bottom, let’s make one thing absolutely clear: None of them will help you if you don’t do the correct exercises and change your diet too.

There are creams and supplements though, that if used in combination with the above steps can speed up the process of defining your butt.

The cream booty pop has seen great results in that area. It is a cream which combines vitamins, herbs, proteins and root extracts to help stimulate new growth of cells and muscles in the areas applied.

It will only help you though, it’s not a magical cream if used on its own. You’ll need to engage in exercises on a regular basis and alter your diet to see the best results.

At the time of writing “Booty Pop” if offering a free trial of their cream, you can try it out for yourself for a month by just paying for the shipping. If it doesn’t work you can just cancel your subscription at any time – seems like a fair deal to us!

How to get a bigger butt: Steps to Avoid

Ok, I hear many of you screaming right now “Isn’t there an easier way!?”

The truth is, no, not really, unless you like putting your health in danger and spending huge amounts of money with no guarantees of success!

There are thousands of plastic surgeons the world over taking advantage right now of women in your situation, who want a bigger butt now, who have more money than sense and are willing to undergo painful and sometimes dangerous surgery to achieve their goal, rather than work for it.

Our advice? DON’T DO IT!

Then there are many companies out there offering a myriad of pills and potions which promise you the booty you desire in “just 7 days!”. Don’t be fooled by them!

Any pill or potion that guarantees these sorts of results are just not going to work – they are selling snake oil. The only thing they are aiming for is not to give you the ass of your dreams, but rather part you from your hard-earned cash and disappear into the distance never to be seen again.

Not a single surgeon, pill or potion out there can truly guarantee you success, none of them, and many of them go drastically wrong. Don’t make the mistake of putting your health at risk for the chance of a bigger butt quickly – if you really want a bigger butt, use the advice on these pages and follow them to the letter, within a short amount of time you will start to see real progress, we assure you.