The Beta Switch Review

It’s hard being a woman, men have things so much easier than we do.

It’s not the big things like PMS, the pain of childbirth or the fact men get paid more than we do for doing the same job that annoys us though. It’s the smaller things that really get to us the most. Like not being able to pee standing up or having to shave our legs twice a week.

Wouldn’t it be nice then, if just for once women had things just as easy as a man in one area of life? How about weight loss? Surely it’s as easy for us to lose weight as it is for men, right? Nope. As it turns out, losing weight is harder for women in that area too….

Sue Heintze, creator of the best selling online weight loss program for women, The Beta Switch, explains it is all to do with our Alpha and Beta-receptors. Essentially, without getting too scientific about things, Apha-receptors trap fatty acids in the body and make it difficult to burn fat off and lose weight. Beta-receptors however, help to release these fatty acids, especially in areas of the body where “stubborn” fat exists.

And here’s the kicker: women have up to 9x as many Alpha-receptors as men do!

Just to make things worse and rub salt in the wound, it turns out that the most common areas for women to have the most Alpha-receptors in their body are the hips, bum, upper arms and thighs – all the areas women don’t want them!

Sue Heintze wrote The Beta Switch to fix that problem. Her system is designed to “flick the switch” on your fat burning Beta-receptors, while turning down the volume on your Alpha-Receptors thus making weight loss for women an easier task.

That sounds great in theory, but all theories are not equal. There was once a theory that the Earth was the center of the universe, and we all know that to be untrue now. So is The Beta Switch really all it is claimed to be? Will it really help you burn fat in stubborn areas? Let’s review it and find out….

The Beta Switch Review

So just who is Sue Heintze? Is she somebody we should listen to and what qualifications does she have that make her the ‘expert’ she claims to be?

Well, she is actually an expert. And a pretty darn good one. Sue Heintze is a regular contributor to these websites: Shape, Oxygen, Women’s Health, Health and Fitness Australia and Women’s Weekly. I’m sure you’ll agree, that is quite a line-up of top quality magazines who value her input.

Sue has won countless awards including Australia Fitness & Health Magazine’s “Body Blitz Challenge”, and has competed in hundreds of bodybuilding competitions. Put simply, Sue Heintze knows her stuff, so when she has something to say, people in the industry listen, and so should you!

That’s a picture of Sue on the right. By the way, she’s 46 years old! WOW!

The Beta Switch Review – Inside the Front Cover

Purchase of The Beta Switch can only be made online, using the Clickbank payment system via credit card or PayPal. Payments are 100% safe and secure, and come with a 60 day, no questions asked money-back guarantee. After payment, you’re instantly redirected to the download page. As with all e-Books this is a big advantage, as you have access to your product immediately after purchase – no 28 day delivery period here.

The standard package, which costs $19, gives access to the following:

  • The Beta Switch Main Manual e-Bbook
  • The Quick Start Guide
  • Printable Diet Tracker, Success Tracker & Workout Tracker Sheets
  • Supplement Guide
  • Workout System e-Book, including the Exercise Execution Guide
  • The 5-Day Tummy Tuck
  • The Boost Your Body Image e-Book
  • A Mind Over Matter e-Book
  • Extensive “How to” Video Files

That is an awful lot of information you get access to for just $19.

The main e-Book begins with an introduction to Sue. It tells her story from frustrated young girl struggling with her weight following whatever the latest “fad” was, all the way through to fitness expert and trainer. While this is not required and doesn’t really help you at all, it does give insight in to her mind and allows a connection. Basically, it’s inspiring and will raise even a couch-potato’s motivation level.

Sue explains the science behind how Alpha and Beta Adrenoreceptors work, and how large a factor they play in a woman’s body when it comes to losing weight. It is quite eye-opening. If you have ever been frustrated at not being able to lose weight where you want to, on your hips or butt for instance, it can be quite soothing there is a scientific reason this happens – it’s not just bad genetics! Understanding how the body and stubborn fats work is extremely helpful. It’s like Sun Tzu famously alluded to, you need to know your enemy to beat your enemy.

The system also debunks a multitude of myths surrounding the weight loss industry before going on to the main program and talking about diet and which exercises are needed to “turn-on” your Beta-receptors.

As for the main program itself, it is a standard 12-weeks long and is choc-full of details which other programs often overlook. The attention to detail in The Beta Switch is simply staggering and you can tell the author is a real authority on fitness.

There are whole sections on supplements, best fat burning practices, the benefits of cardio and an intense “drop kilos fast” section. The Beta Switch is accompanied by a huge array of printable charts to track your progress, plus an extensive range of instructional videos to keep you immersed and entertained.

The Beta Switch Review – Benefits

  • A complete all-in-one Fitness and Diet Program
  • Science based
  • Step-by-step with printable workout sheets to track progress
  • Huge amount of information and bonuses
  • Teaches flexible diet practices (it even includes a “cheat day”) instead of a strict diet – something many people struggle with.
  • The author, Sue Heintze, is a world-renowned expert in her field
  • Covers the motivational and mental side of fitness as well as the practical side
  • Excellent customer support
  • 60 day, no questions asked money-back guarantee

The Beta Switch Review – Weaknesses

  • Not designed for men, women only
  • Although the staggering amount of information is great, it can be a tad daunting at first glance, especially for beginners
  • Does require extra purchases such as supplements, gym membership or home fitness apparatus and protein shakes – can be costly if followed to the letter
  • Cannot be purchased as a physical book

    Final Thoughts

Considering the amount of terrible online systems available online these days, we didn’t get too excited about yet another. However, once we realized the stature Sue holds within the fitness industry it didn’t take long for us to get a little more excited.

Once we then saw the program, we were totally blown away by the sheer amount of information within it. So many systems these days are just re-hashed stuff from a decade ago, designed only to part you with your cash and not give any new or pertinent information. The Beta Switch is far, far different to them. It consists of everything you need to know about how the woman’s body works, the best way to build a diet that works for you and tons of advice on how to do exercise routines properly.

Then there’s the price.

At $19 it is not a question of can you afford to buy The Beta Switch, it’s more a question of can you afford not to?

Click HERE to go to Sue Heintze’s The Beta Switch official website.

Overall rating for The Beta Switch System: 10/10