Report: The woman who lost 90 lbs through “celebrity fitness methods”

Whether due to his fitness expertise of his finely-sculpted jawline, Rusty Moore has been making waves in women’s fitness in the past couple of years. His best-selling book, Visual Impact for Women, has sold well over 1,000,000 copies to date in the US alone.

One of those copies went to Christina Davis, a young housewife from Syracuse, NY. After having twins and gaining 90 pounds, she struggled with her weight – and depression – for more than three years. Once she took Rusty’s advice, she lost all of her baby weight (plus an additional 20 pounds) in just under a year.

Here’s the thing, though: Based on the controversial ideology of Visual Impact for Women, you would not expect a lady like Christina to be an advocate of the program.

The claims of Rusty’s book are quite… forward. Instead of promoting exercise as something healthy to do, Rusty focuses on the superficial aspect – AKA, how your body will look based on the specific types of exercise you do.

His book claims the whole point of fitness is to “create and mold the precise body you want” – not just to get as skinny, “fit”, or (god forbid) muscular as possible.

At the end, he tosses in the fact that his regimen will put you in great shape, but to him, that’s an afterthought. The focus is on not just exercising, and not just looking good – Rusty wants you to look flawless. The core idea is that if you exercise in a way where you can get serious superficial results as quickly as possible, you’ll continue to exercise (get healthier) and maintain those results.

It seemed like a win-win, especially with thousands of women who have stories just like Christina – but did the program have any actual merit, or was it smoke and mirrors like 99% of other women’s workout programs?

We managed to get an interview with Christina after a few weeks of calling and emailing – she’s quite the celebrity herself, promoting Rusty’s book on social media and at events worldwide.

We asked her three hardball questions about Visual Impact for women, and more importantly, if her results are realistically attainable for our female readers just like yourself. We’ll reveal right now that we were pleasantly surprised at what we found, and some of the members of staff have actually started the program themselves. (Ahem, like the author of this article.)

If you are interested in the idea of working out to look really good – and not just “get really healthy” – we’d recommend reading what Christina has to say below.

Read more about Visual Impact for Women on Rusty’s official website.

Short interview with Christina Davis, follower of Visual Impact for Women

#1 Why do you feel Rusty’s approach was so effective for you?

Christina says…

“My weight sort of ‘crept up’ on me after I had the twins. Right after they were born (May 14th), I was about 40 pounds heavier than usual – pretty overweight, but acceptable because I had just had two kids. The problems came up when I was at home, a new mother, taking care of two little girls… it was stressful, and I found myself eating quite a bit, if just for a temporary escape from the busy lifestyle that had been thrust upon me.

Rusty’s approach… I guess it made me confront myself? Whether the excessive eating had been justified or not, it had happened. I was overweight, and in order to be happy with myself when I looked in the mirror, I had to lose the weight. Apparently, some people can be overweight and still be happy – to me, I wanted to be more in the “normal” range.

So, that was the fuel to my fire – superficial results. Of all the other dozens of exercise programs and diets I had tried beforehand, none had been so direct as Rusty’s. I’m not crazy or anything, but I still keep the book in my purse. It was that good.

Editor’s note: Rusty’s official website is

#2 “What were your results with the program?”

Christina says…

“When I first downloaded the book, I was skeptical – I wasn’t sure if it would be relevant to an overweight, busy mother who just had twins. Surprisingly, though, there was a section for someone like me – a lady who has a lot of extra weight that needs to be gone now. That was a relief. Being a really frugal person, I made sure there was a money-back guarantee before I downloaded, too – there is. (It’s good for 60 days.)

Rusty’s regimen for me was broken down like this:

  1. “Easing in” – Sessions of long static stretching and light full-body exercise to get your body “ready” to ramp things up. (Without this phase, injury is much more likely, and getting injured means you can’t exercise to look good.)
  2. “Making it consistent” – Somewhat “regular” workout sessions to bring your body to a “baseline”. The reasoning behind this is simple: You can’t see anything that’s covered up by fat. I lost 5-10 pounds per month in this phase. Literally, every exercise is geared towards burning calories, especially around problem areas like your stomach and thighs.
  3. “Celebrity time” – Determine which exercises will make your body look perfect, then get to work with more rigorous intensity that focuses on those sections. At this point, I was in great shape, so stepping things up was no problem. I focused on my, err, lower body – namely my glutes (butt), thighs, and calves – because as Rusty recommends, you want to work out for the body you want.

There is a different plan for every type of girl out there – Rusty explains more on the official page.”

Visual Impact Workout Review

#3 “Would you recommend Visual Impact for Women to readers?”

Christina says…

“Yes and no.

No, if you just don’t care. That’s another “confrontational” thing Rusty addresses – you need to set the goal of losing your weight and achieve it no matter what. If giving up is an option, Rusty claims you will take that option – and at least for me, I certainly did when I tried to lose weight earlier.

Yes if you care about your body and you want to get back to your former beauty. I explained the regimen above – it’s not the easiest thing in the world, but all you have to do is dedicate yourself and commit to following it with strict discipline. Even if you’re someone like me who was really overweight and not very motivated, all you need to force yourself to follow the steps and you’ll be back to where you were.”

Our conclusion? Definitely a lot of marketing powering the popularity of the book, but a very solid plan for any woman focused on skipping the nonsense and going straight for the “goal body”, whether that’s Kim Kardashian, Natalie Portman, or anyone in between. Christina’s results caught our eye in particular because of her circumstances – look around and you’ll find plenty of other stories just like hers.

Read more Visual Impact for Women reviews and learn more about Rusty’s book by clicking here – you can view a brief summary of the book on that page as well. If you’re already sold and you’re like to read over the program, click below to download from Rusty’s official website.

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