Definitive Guide on How to Start Doing Yoga

Yoga is more than just a great form of exercise. The benefits of practicing the ancient art extend much further than simply improving physical fitness, it has proven to improve your spiritual and emotional side as well. There are so many different types of Yoga though, and it can be complicated for a beginner to understand which is best for them. Read on to discover how to start doing Yoga and which form will benefit you the most.

How to Start Doing Yoga – Choose a Style and Find a Class!

There are so many different choices when it comes to which style of Yoga to follow. Vinyasa, Bikram and Kundalini are much faster forms of Yoga which have a steep learning curve, so are best avoided if you are just starting out.

Beginners are best suited to the Hatha form of Yoga, because of its slow pace and gentle nature. The transition between poses is much slower, therefore is perfect for people to start learning the basics. A high percentage of gym lessons and classes will be in this form, so it should be easy one nearby to join.

Yoga Basic Equipment

One of the most beautiful things about Yoga is there is no expensive equipment required, and even if you do purchase anything, the costs are minimal.

All that is needed is some comfortable clothing and maybe a Yoga mat, which only cost a few dollars.

how to start doing yogaYour 1st Yoga Session – Tips and What to Expect

On the day of your first Yoga class, be sure to eat light or low-acid food around 2 hours beforehand. The human body needs fuel to perform any exercise, but keep it healthy and avoid anything fried, fatty or spicy. The last thing you want on your first Yoga class is to feel lightheaded from not eating. And the last thing the people around you will want is for you to be expelling gas from fatty or spicy food in their direction!

Be sure to get to your class 15 minutes early. On your first visit you will probably need to fill out some paperwork so allow some time for it. Arriving early will also allow for some time to relax and listen to any instructions for first-timers.

Keep hydrated before, during and after your class. Start drinking around 2 hours before as water weight is lost during a Yoga session, especially Hot Yoga.

When placing your mat at the beginning of a class, make sure there is plenty of space between you and your companions. Also, don’t line up exactly with the mats to the left and right. Stagger your mat slightly, as certain poses can mean you’ll come into contact with your nearest classmate if the mat is lined up perfectly.

The Yoga “Child Pose”

Follow the instructions of your teacher as close as possible during your class. If at anytime you feel you’re struggling, adopt the “child-pose” and take a few moments out to relax.

Understand that you may be a little sore the day after your first class. This totally normal and to be expected.

Yoga Do’s and Dont’s


  • Practice Yoga in the morning if at all possible
  • Stay in the moment. Concentrate only on what you are doing and leave all else outside the door
  • Let your teacher know of any injuries or physical conditions you have
  • Stay quiet and peaceful, respect your classmates
  • Stay hydrated before, during and after your session
  • Wear comfortable clothing that won’t restrict movement
  • Arrive for classes 15 minutes early
  • Make sure you have a fresh towel handy
  • Reflect on your session afterwards
  • Eat a light meal 2-3 hours before a session


  • Bring your phone with you! Leave anything that could be a distraction to you or others in your locker
  • Be embarrassed if you pass wind – we’ve all done it before!
  • Push things too far. If you find yourself struggling, take a short break
  • Enter a class late or leave early, as you will no doubt disrupt others which can ruin their lesson
  • Eat for 2 hours before class
  • Refuse help! If your teacher assists you, let them. They are experienced and can greatly help you get a deeper and more meaningful workout

What if I can’t Join any Yoga Classes?

No problem! Yoga can just as easily be done at home!. There are many videos on YouTube and online courses which can teach you how to start doing Yoga and the basic movements involved.

A much better option though, would be to start on online course. Yogaburn is a great online course of Yoga which you can then follow at home. Just visit their website and watch their great introduction to Yoga and it’s benefits.